@kokitoapp - Fitness and nutrition in 10 second videos 🤳 Match with the right health professional → Get a  high performance body and brain 💪🧠

@kokitoapp - Fitness and nutrition in 10 second videos 🤳 Match with the right health professional → Get a high performance body and brain 💪🧠

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You're 1 selfie video away from the right fitness and nutrition expert

Send a 10 second story of what you eat, and we will match you with an expert.

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📷 → 🤳 → ✨ 3 steps towards a high performance body and brain

One 🤳

Tell us your story, your goals, what do you do, sports, habits.


Two 📷

Send us 10 second videos describing what you're eating for the next 3 days.


Three ✨

A community of hundreds of experts will review your case. You will get matched with the best fit for free.


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What is @kokitoapp?

@kokitoapp is the first tool for you to find the right health professional that can help you.

Millions of people waste their time following generic advise or following random fads in social media to get fit and healthy. Why ?

You can find an expert that has dealt with the specific scenario you're dealing with and get that extra boost in performance.

You can read successful stories in our blog


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😩 Kristiina solved her period cramps through nutrition

I was about to go insane.

I thought having a whole week out of my cycle where I felt human was a pretty good month.

Some months I had no bleeding but excruciating pain, followed by a week of heavy bleeding with large clots, absolutely painful.

It was until I heard how much nutrition impacts your period that I started to believe something could be done.

I'm so happy I sent them my story and they followed up.

At least I'm able to function properly now, my life was bloody awful before (please excuse the pun).

Kristiina 27 years old.

💪 Randolph got rid of that last bit of fat

I started getting in shape a couple years ago.

I spend most of my day sitting down in front of the computer and go to the gym very late at night and I think I don't have bad habits.

To get rid of the annoying stubborn fat I started counting calories, tracking everything I ate, designed an exercise plan and a diet plan for myself.

Honestly, I'm amazed how much difference an expert can make. These guys knew exactly what to do in my case and why it wasn't working (Tip: It's not the supplements)

Randolph 28 years old

🧠 I lacked focus not time

I work as a software engineer for a startup. Everyday is absolute creative chaos.

Between leading teams, dealing with customers feedback, app changing requirements and a small kid, my job was suffering a lot due to my inability to focus for long hours.

I've always been a pretty good programmer, but I needed an edge.

Don't follow the cliche, programmers don't run on pizza and red bull, if you do this to your team, there is something wrong with you.

Once I followed up the videos, increased my fish and avocado intake, added some nuts and dropped the sugar, it felt like my brain had an extra gear.

Roberto 35 years old


Getting matched with a professional is completely free.

Once you are matched with a health professional, nutritionist or fitness coach you can choose to have a consultation with them. This typically costs in the $50 - $150 US range.

After that, most people prefer to follow up through short videos with their expert and track progress. This costs $15.00 USD/month.


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